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For Network Operators and integrators NETALG offers three type of Test Automation Solutions

Currently NETALG offers Automated Functional Regression Tests Accross Multiple Sites, Automated Multi-User Long Term Call Scenarious and Performance Optimization using Monte-Carlo Algorithms.

Automated Functional Regression Tests Accross Multiple Sites


Changes to software to fix errors that have been detected, sometimes cause functions that were previously working properly to experience new problems.

Therefore, every change made to existing software requires additional testing.

Automated regression testing is a powerful method that can be used in such situations.


Proof of Concept / Demo within 2 Weeks


Before engaging on a project, customers have the opportunity to verify in advance the capabilities of OCTOPUS and get an appreciation of the solution proposed by NetAlg. Usually within 2 weeks after a carefull evaluation of customer requirements NETALG develops a "Proof of Concept" free of charge. The "Proof of Concept" is a small scale of the full solution and normally consists of of an automatic execution of 2 or 3 tests out of the complete set of tests planned to be automated.

The "Proof of Concerpt" can be used to control the progress, confirm the capabilities and feasibility or even to allow customers to take a final decision before signing a contract.

Automated Multi-User Long Term Call Scenarious


Octopus controls multiple  android devices making it possible to create high load extensive long-term call scenarious with the aim to estimate the system functionality, performance and stability. Both CS and PS domain calls are supported.

Performance Optimization Using Monte-Carlo Algorithms


Many products today contain a large number of adjustable parameters and constitute the so-called PARAMETER DATABASE. Out of the total number of parameters usually only a more reduced set will be actually adjusted in the field while the majority will stay unchanged. "GOLDEN DATABASE" consist on an optimised set of parameters recommended by the vendors that will populate the products when deployed in the field and that ensure an optimized performance. Due to the large number of parameters (in the order of a few Hundreds) and due to the complexity, the task of achieving the optimum values and the creation of the "GOLDEN DATABASE" can be a very resource intensive process.

NETALG offers an AUTOMATED PROCESS to facilitate the creation of "GOLDEN DATABASES"





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