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Ready for deployment

Low cost

Flexible and extendable


Netalg proprietary test automation application. 


Octopus  features

Android devices control. 

Octopus controls multiple android devices making it possible to create high load extensive long-term call scenarious with the aim to estimate the system functionality, performance and stability. Both CS and PS domain calls are supported.




Extendable open framework and flexible test scripts.

Octopus open framework makes the  solution highly flexible and adjustable. The majority of the test equipment vendors offer the control API's which makes it possible to integrate the third party equipment into the common Octopus controlled test automation environment with minimal efforts.

The test scenarios are driven by .NET test scripts which unlocks for the test developers all the powerful methods of .NET framework as well as Visual Studio user friendly development environment including Intellisence. 



BDD test development approach.

Along with the traditional C# syntax Octopus supports BDD (behaviour driven development) style scripting. BDD approach allows the development of test scenarios without programming skills and make it possible to involve system engineers, customer support engineers and even management into the product/services validation process.



Remote control and reporting.

Octopus supports IP based remote control interface which allows to build an extensive distributed multi-site test solution with a single test result aggregation node.

Remote control and reporting capabilities make Octopus highly effective in Continuous Integration process using Jenkins, Bamboo or other CI tools.



Selenium WebDrive integration.

Octopus is integrated with Selenium WebDriver and unlocks the whole range of tests using web interface. 

Web based management systems and the system controlled by the web tools can be effectively tested by using Octopus.



SQL integration

Octopus provides direct interface  to a centralized SQL DB. The common result database is used to aggregate and visualize the test progress accross multiple locations and development groups.



Integration with GUI automation tools.

Octopus  can be effectively integrated with the GUI automations tools such as EggPlant making it possible to integrate any apllication into a common test solution. 

Third party monitoring and equipment management systems can be controlled by Octopus test suite.

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