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The case for Test Automation.

What to automate, when to automate, or even whether one really needs automation are crucial decisions which must be taken.

NETALG can help identify which test processes to automate and help enterprises improve product quality and speed time to market. Selecting the correct features of the product for automation largely determines the success of the automation. For instance automating unstable features or features that are undergoing changes should be avoided.

Complete coverage of all tests using test automation sometimes may be unrealistic. When deciding what tests to automate first, their value versus the effort to create them needs to be considered. For instance, test cases with high value and low effort should be automated first. These type of analisys as well as the ROI when deciding for an Automation Project are some of the subjects that are covered within the consulting services.


  • Continious integration process development


  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development approaches implementation


  • Automation tools selection


  • Test strategy and test campaigns development.

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